Relevium: A Specialized Physiotherapist & Chiropractor



Frequently Asked Questions

All of Relevium’s physiotherapists hold a Master’s degree in physiotherapy from a recognised university and have a minimum of five years of experience. They possess a thorough understanding of a variety of physiotherapy services in addition to extensive practical experience.

We do both manual and advanced therapy and have sufficient experience in both. We assist our patients in recovering rapidly and creating an appropriate workout plan for them based on our experience and patient condition.

If the patient’s health necessitates it, we’ll bring the necessary treatment modalities and workout equipment, such as ultrasound, IFT, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), dry needle and kinesio tape after examining the patient’s health on the phone, we arrange all the necessary tools and accessories for the treatment.

We provide a variety of physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services, and each one is customised to the patient’s specific needs and circumstances. To begin, we must ascertain the underlying cause of the problem and then develop a strategy for the workout programme. Nevertheless, it is contingent upon the initial judgement. Typically, it lasts 45-50 minutes. Although the treatment sessions are not time- driven. It varies according to the patient’s state of health.

The physiotherapy at home service is really straightforward. It all starts with a phone call or an online booking; when one of our representatives receives a call from a patient, he/she will walk them through our process and obtain all pertinent information regarding their medical issues. The physiotherapy specialist at Relevium will begin the next steps after discussing with the patient. Following the assessment, we know exactly what physiotherapy treatment is required. So, once we’ve identified the indications and symptoms that require home physiotherapy treatment, we’ll set up an appointment with the patient and our staff will come to their home. We begin treatment after the patient has given his or her consent.

Who wants to deal with the trouble when there’s a better way to be comfy and get home physiotherapy at a fair cost? Minimal exposure to the external environment is preferable for everyone, especially in today’s world, as it reduces the chance of infection. You will save a lot of time since we will come to your location for a home visit for any physiotherapy service, rather than having to travel to the clinic. Furthermore, a patient can phone the therapist at his or her leisure, avoiding any conflicts with their working hours.

There is no need to waste time travelling to clinics or hospitals because you can now book a home physiotherapy service with only one phone call.

With any examination or specifics about the patient’s health status, it’s difficult to forecast. However, straight after the first appointment, we’ll be able to estimate the total number of sessions for the duration of the treatment. Our physiotherapists’ mission is to ensure that patients heal quickly and completely satisfied.

It’s entirely up to you; we may tailor it to your preferences. Yes, you will see the same therapist in the majority of cases; however, if the therapist is on leave due to an emergency or medical problem, or you do not feel comfortable with the therapist, proper handover of the patient’s evaluation and treatment plan will be delivered to the other physios. We constantly go out of our way to provide your complete relief and to make your physiotherapy the best it can be.

You can simply wear whatever is most comfortable or loose-fitting. Your therapist, on the other hand, will very certainly require access to the region of concern. For instance, if our physiotherapist is treating you for low back pain, only the lower back area should be accessible for machine application and manual treatment.

No, it’s not the case. A little stiffness or pain after a session is considered a normal activity when receiving physiotherapy services. While the treatment is in progress, a natural pain signals that the therapy is genuinely working and mending the patient. We have a team of skilled physiotherapists with years of experience in this sector who ensure that your therapy is as painless and seamless as possible.

Once an appointment has been made for any type of physiotherapy treatment at home, if the patient wishes to cancel it for whatever reason, he or she should notify the company representative 3-4 hours in advance. The appointment will not be cancelled after the physiotherapist has visited the location or is on his or her way to the patient’s home.

According to our policy, a nominal fee must be paid on the company account upon scheduling an appointment for any physiotherapy treatment services. If the patient wishes to cancel the appointment for whatever reason, he or she must do so three hours in advance; the token amount will be refunded to the patient’s account.