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Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

The moderate exercise format prescribed by the physiotherapist will improve muscle strength, mobility, ADL performance, walking and endurance, decrease falls, and improve balance and coordination.

Get Orthopedic physiotherapy at home is concerned with the treatment of all musculoskeletal systems. Several of the most prevalent conditions include the following:

  • Frozen shoulder physiotherapy
  • neck and back pain physiotherapy
  • arthritis physiotherapy
  • trigger finger physiotherapy
  • rotator cuff injury physiotherapy
  • impingement¬† syndrome physiotherapy
  • knee instability physiotherapy
  • plantar fascitis physiotherapy

Parallel bars are used by orthopedists and physiotherapist. For instance, orthopaedics treats the fracture, whereas physiotherapy returns the patient to normal, or as close to normal as feasible. Similarly, to treat chronic orthopaedic problems, our team collaborates with orthopaedics to maximise the patient’s functional ability.

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