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Corporate Wellness

Our Vision

Workplace wellness is acquiring the consideration of each and every manager in the corporate. This is due to the employees’ rising medical problems because of an unhealthy work environment. Work-related issues can influence employees’ psychological, physical, and emotional well-being, and on the off chance that not going to solutions, it might bring about serious cases.

The bottom line for the organization is employee efficiency. And uplifting work environment inside an organization can directly affect the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Signing up for a health program can prove to be a worthy investment for employers to settle the issues quicker.


So at Relevium we are offering different services that can help employees and organizations to lower the absenteeism due to physical strain and can help improve the overall productivity and efficiency. Our vision is to provide a workplace that would suit the employee’s needs and also to provide employees that fit the company. 

Posture and Ergonomics training

Technology has been changing the world, and in the current times when every other job requires you to sit in front of your screen for hours, this amps up the need for posture and ergonomics training for the employees. Our services offer awareness and training programs for corporate and organizations, where the employees will be trained to follow a better workspace ergonomics which will further save time and money for the physical pain management.

Our services include:

  • Preventive workshops and discussions
  • Corporate consultations
  • Ergonomics training for organizations
  • Office and home visits

Why there is a need for such training

Wrong posture and poor ergonomics can cause unnecessary muscle strain, muscle injury, and movement issues which hamper the work and life of the employees. Also, implementing ergonomics solutions after improves productivity. By designing a work place that allows good posture, less effort, fewer movements, and better levels and reaches, the workstation turns out to be more productive.

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Corporate wellness Workshops

In the present profoundly interconnected worldwide economy, employee spends an enormous amount of their time in their workplaces. An unhealthy, miserable employee will prompt failures, which straightforwardly influence your organization’s results. Organization must put resources into the prosperity of its employee and it is one of their basic roles.

We at Relevium offer:

  • Posture and Ergonomics workshop and trainings
  • Guidelines for Physical Activities
  • Injury Prevention workshop
  • Physiotherapy treatment for employees
  • Posture and Ergonomics training for
    • Prenatal
    • Postnatal
    • New moms


We understand that health of the employee is most important factor in the growth of any organization. And these programs help the organization maintain the health of their employees. This also educates the employee about the right postures and techniques which can further prevent work related injuries and pains. This overall boosts the productivity of any organization.

Corporate Wellness

Cognitive Ergonomics

In present day digitalized workplaces, the exhibition of work task depends vigorously on cognitive working, which is, the psychological process that are engaged with information handling, for example, attention, working memory, decision making, and learning

Cognitive load is caused by the cognitive demands of work, which effectively surpass the normal limits of human cognitive capacities, however strain may likewise be additionally expanded by working conditions.

In cognitive ergonomics, our emphasis is on human cognitive working, the circumstances influencing this, and on making better system at work which is compatible with human cognitive capacities and limitations.

Corporate Wellness Program
Corporate Wellness Program

Car Seat Consultation

No matters in what stage you or your families are, we get that it’s your priority to guard them when you travel. That is the reason we offer our Car Seat Consultation. Our trained consultants can assist you with tracking down the right seat for yourself as well as your family, and ensure that you’re sure with regards to fitting it securely.

We offer:

  • Expert research according to your needs
  • Customized recommendations