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Rehabilitation After Surgery

Rehabilitation After Surgery

Physiotherapy following surgery should begin immediately in the hospital; however, it is critical that once the patient is discharged, our physio team encourages them to perform range of motion exercises to strengthen and mobilize any affected joints and muscles; this will also assist in improving blood circulation and any respiratory problems that developed during the hospital stay.

Our experts will assist in managing pain management measures and developing an exercise programme to aid in rehabilitation. Regardless of the type of post-rehabilitation surgery (TKR, THR, cardiac surgery, tendon repair, or any other type of major surgery), a post-operative therapy programme is required to rehabilitate joint movement, strength, and flexibility.

At Relevium we aim to help people and cure by offering the best physiotherapy services and making some exercise plans to boost the recovery. It helps in all sorts of post-rehab surgery and benefits you to heal from injury as soon as possible.

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