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Home physiotherapy in Mayur Vihar

Physiotherapy at Home in Mayur Vihar

Relevium provides the best home physiotherapy services in Mayur Vihar and stands apart from the competition by assisting you in regaining function, easing your pain and suffering, and enhancing your general quality of life. For the purpose of accurately diagnosing and effectively treating each patient’s pain, we use a multidisciplinary, evidence-based, focused, and customised approach.

In the field of home physiotherapy services, Relevium are quickly increasing its service location and become the leader in home care physiotherapy offering a certified physiotherapist at home in Mayur Vihar.

Call our expert team of physiotherapist for home visit todayBook your appointment for home care physical therapy in Mayur Vihar and its nearest area of East Delhi.

We got you covered with the best physiotherapist for home visit in Mayur Vihar and its nearest area of East Delhi.

  • Physiotherapist for back pain
  • Physiotherapist for shoulder pain
  • Physiotherapy services for cervical pain
  • Home Physiotherapy service in for knee pain
  • Physiotherapist at home for sciatica
  • Physiotherapist for bell’s palsy
  • Physiotherapist for parkinson’s patients
  • Physiotherapist for paralysis
  • Spine Physiotherapy Services
  • Home Physiotherapist for frozen shoulder
  • Physiotherapist at home in for paralysis
  • Home Physiotherapy service in for knock knees
  • Physiotherapy for fractured hand
Physiotherapy at Home in Delhi​

Book your physiotherapist for Home Visit in Mayur Vihar.

At Relevium we have designed the best Physical therapy packages for elderly and provide female physiotherapist at home for pregnant women, get the greatest physiotherapy services at home in Mayur Vihar at affordable cost.

Access home visit physiotherapy services in Mayur Vihar

Relevium assurance the greatest physiotherapy services at home in Mayur Vihar. You can avail a special discount of 10% and save maximum time by visiting a physiotherapy clinic in Mayur Vihar.

Relevium has devoted one of its core team of physiotherapist in Mayur Vihar and the surrounding neighbourhoods, including Vinod Nagar, Kalyan Vas, Trilokpuri, Kalyan Puri, and Pandav Nagar.

We provide diagnosis and physio treatment at home for the following conditions:

  • post operative physiotherapy services for hip and knee replacement, shoulder rehabilitation, post fracture rehabilitation.
  • sports physiotherapist for ligament rehabilitation, fractures, post operative rehabilitation for all sports injuries.
  • paediatric physiotherapist for developmental delay, neuro motor problems.
  • occupational physiotherapist for activities of daily living and rehabilitation.
  • geriatric physiotherapist- can take individual and group sessions both neurological problems like cerebral palsy, stroke, paralysis, spinal cord injury, tumours, bells or facial palsy.
  • special female physiotherapy services for pregnancy and post pregnancy care.

For the best results, schedule an appointment with our certified home physiotherapist immediately by calling 8929020020 

Remember that early detection equates to early recovery.

Service Area:

Mayur Vihar Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | Vinod Nagar | Kalyan Vas | Trilokpuri | Kalyan Puri | and Pandav Nagar

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